A World Without Heroes

A World Without Heroes - Brandon Mull {December 8th, 2014} MINI-REVIEW

“In short, heroism means doing the right thing regardless of the consequences.”

2.5 stars (ouch much?).

Apparently I never did the review or update for this one, my bad. Been so scatterbrained lately with all the preparations for Christmas and my trip that will beginning on December 21st. It has been absolutely insane as of late! And I think another reason why I hadn't done anything about this book was because it felt so meh. And here it started out so promising...

The characters, especially main character #1 Jason Walker, felt smarter and improved from Mull's other series I had been reading Fablehaven, unfortunately I found out in the next few chapters that I favoured the main characters of Fablehaven much more. It's an ironic twist of fate in my opinion, especially with how I had such a problem with them (if you've read my review of the first Fablehaven book, and my updates of the next two books, you'd see why).

But perhaps my main problem with this book was that it felt so flat, and lifeless compared to its precursor. Looki, I know he had been working on this book for so long, years and years of drafting--but maybe that's where it felt short? I mean, the writing has really improved and you can tell how much work was put into it. However that might be what resulted in this sort of flat and lifeless overall story and its characters. Like I was reading along but it just felt so meh that it just broke my heart. Probably why I was neglecting this book over the 3rd book of the Fablehaven series.

However, since I have have the entire series to read, it would be a shame to merely stop here. Especially when it is interesting to see how this turns out. I still hold out that I'll find some life in these pages that will draw me into the story rather than merely acting as an observer. x:

“For each of us destiny is a blend of potential, circumstances, and choices.”