Chasing the Prophecy

Chasing the Prophecy - Brandon Mull {December 15th, 2014} MINI-REVIEW

2.5 stars.

“Wow! I can hardly believe I finished Beyonders."

This was my exact thoughts upon finishing yikes.

I'm not exactly too impressed with this overall series. I thought the ending would help cement something better and positive but it didn't unfortunately. It feels like it got to a point, then climax--erm, my apologises anti-climax before it just halted and said 'welp that's the end of this story, see you in the next one!' kind of feeling.

Besides the large cast we're introduced to and expanded upon in the first and second books, they get cut down so fast that you have to struggle to remember who's who. Some are memorable, others not so much. Sure there were a few that made me go "NOOOOOO" but other than that, it just felt flat and undeserving for most parts.

But at the end there's a hint for something more but I don't know nor will I comment on it other than this Jason's daughter, if there is a series centered around her, I might read it but it is very iffy at the moment and will only if I'm given or borrowed it from someone like this trilogy.

But I think Mull was trying to do too much with this series that his characters suffered for it, becoming 2D or 1D rather than the beautifully complex 3D they had the potential to become. It's unfortunate. Only 3 really did show growth out of the cast of 20 or something (I lost count), but they had that aspect to them all along so idk anymore. x: