The Wishing Well (The Lone City, #0.5)

The Wishing Well (The Lone City, #0.5) - Amy Ewing {January 7th, 2015} MINI-REVIEW

4.5 stars, because if only it was longer...felt really too short for me, ugh!

What is it that attracts me to these kinds of fairytale-like stories? I just adore them. Maybe how they're written? Or maybe what morals they hold? Perhaps it's the feeling of reading a fairytale as opposed to an actual story for once is appealing because you know it couldn't possibly true--just maybe, of course.

If anything, there's something whimsical about these kinds of tales...

This is the tale of two sisters that are granted one wish and what happens in tune to what makes us human--the positive and the negative. I just wish this was longer so my cracked heart would have more to weep over and gleam from this tale. But some tales are like that, short and sweet (or rather bittersweet in this case).